The Great Flood

The Great Flood

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Aloha friends,

This past week Neighborhood Place of Puna suffered a blow from an unexpected pipe burst. As you know, our operations are small and we rely on grants and donations to maintain our services to the community. When unexpected situations like this happen, it can impact our ability to meet community needs.

We are blessed to have begun repairs but need your help not only to grow services but in this case to help us maintain. In America, a majority of people live paycheck to paycheck, and cannot afford a $1000 emergency. Small operations like ours can be vulnerable in similar ways too.

We appreciate any support you can give to help us cover this unexpected operation cost so we can continue to serve Hawaii families at our offices. Remember, if you or a loved one need rental and utility assistance, parenting advice, or emergency shelter, we are still here to support you.

Call us if you are in need, or if you are able to contribute to our cause.

P.S. Our official fundraising season kicks off November 30th for Giving Tuesday and runs through the month of December. We really encourage big supporters to consider becoming monthly sustainers this year, which helps our operations the most.

Any amount makes a huge difference to our clients and team members.

Thank you,

NPP Team



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