Hawai'i County Homeless Engagement Hui (HCHE)

A collaboration of volunteers and agencies committed to serving those in our community experiencing unsheltered homelessness

In partnership with the County of Hawai’i, The HCHE Hui is a pilot program inclusive of street outreach around Hawai’i island to reach homeless individuals who may want/need access to community resources. Current HCHE Hui Partner Agencies include Neighborhood Place of Puna, HOPE Services Hawai’i, Project Vision Hawai’i, and Going Home Hawai’i. HCHE Hui Partners conduct weekly street outreach to engage with houseless individuals. Individuals have the option to enroll as a “participant” with the Hui. Once enrolled, the participant’s needs are accessed and appropriate services are provided and/or referred to help them meet their needs of securing stable housing. 

HCHE Hui efforts as of June 2024

The data sets currently provided start from August of 2023

# of Participants Served
Interested in Emergency Shelter
Not Interested in Emergency Shelter
Interested in Couples Unit
Undecided/Data Unknown

Of the number of participants who answered “No” to Emergency Shelter, 74% (55 of the 74 participants) were interested in Housing Navigation services.

Participant Demographics

Of the total # of participants served, participants could identify either as single, as head of household of a family, or as a couple. The Head Of Household in a family is counted as “1” participant. Each partipant of a “couple” is counted individually.

# of Familes w/ Minors
# of Single Men
# of Single Women
# of Couples
# of Adults Only Households

Identified Services Needed

Participants can be interested in multiple services

# of Identified Needs

*Out of State Flight and Medicare Resources data collected as of March 2024

Participant Location by Zip Code

Participant location information based on where the participant slept the night before

Participant Engagement by Month

Participant engagement can vary from month to month due to a variety of factors. It’s important to track and analyze engagement metrics regularly to identify trends and patterns. By doing so, the HCHE Hui can make informed decisions and adjust their strategies to optimize participant engagement. 

Services Enrollment by Month

Of the total # of participants engaged in the Hui, this data reflects the number of participants who have enrolled and received services with active HCHE Hui Partner Agencies. Participants can be enrolled in multiple services and/or with multiple agencies.

The HCHE Hui meets with people experiencing homelessness to connect them to the appropriate community resources

Interested in becoming a member? Fill out the Hui Volunteer Form and we will be in touch soon! 

The HCHE Referral Form is for any community member or agency to make a referral to the HCHE Hui. If preferred, forms may be submitted anonymously.

Questions? Call (808) 965-5550 or email wehelp@neighborhoodplace.org