Helping Parents Raise Safe and Healthy Children

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Neighborhood Place of Puna is a community driven and supported 501(c)3 organization. We are the only child abuse and neglect prevention program located in Puna and offering voluntary services to Puna families.

In-home, family strengthening services

When things start to get out of control and conventional social services fall short, NPP provides consistent, ongoing, in-home services to families.

Kamalama - Hawaiian Values based parenting curriculum

Kamalama Parenting is rooted in the understanding that parents are their children’s first teachers. Parents are introduced to a set of traditional Hawaiian values that reflect universal principle of positive parenting.

Programs & Services

We provide support and services to families at risk for child abuse and neglect in East Hawaii as well as programs to encourage community involvement and development.

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We need your help to continue our mission to empower families and communities in Puna. Become a Neighbor in The Neighborhood.

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Help us expand our outreach and provide for families in Puna. Volunteer your time with NPP.

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Donate to NPP

Make a monthly or one-time donation to Neighborhood Place of Puna. Your support helps us to build strong, healthy families in your community.

We are committed to helping families raise healthy and safe keiki.

Neighborhood Place of Puna provides support and services to families at risk for child abuse and neglect. NPP also works very hard to help grow strong communities that nurture healthy relationships, minimize isolation, and provide the many supports that families and children need to be healthy, safe, and secure.

In The Neighborhood - Blog

Responding to Disaster 2018

| Posted in Blog

The Puna volcanic eruption began in people’s backyards on May 3rd. Over the next days and weeks more than 20 fissure opened and erupted. Rivers of lava spread across lower Puna claiming homes and eventually whole subdivisions. Hundreds of homes have be…

Ending Child and Family Homelessness

| Posted in Blog

In our hearts, we know that children should never experience homelessness! Yet child and family homelessness persist in our community. Data from March of 2018 indicates that on Hawaii Island there are approximately 180 children experiencing homelessnes…

Protecting Children by Ending Family Homelessness

| Posted in Blog

Children thrive best in a nurturing, safe, stable home environment. Homelessness is neither safe nor stable. It is not an environment that promotes the healthy development of children. In fact, being homeless puts children at greater risk for maltreatm…

Why We Exist

Neighborhood Place of Puna is one of the very few programs that East Hawaii families can turn to for support when things begin to get out of control and they recognize they need help as parents and as a family. NPP's programs are voluntary, we aim to help and rehabilitate families in crisis before the need for law enforcement and CPS.

NPP provides consistent, ongoing, in-home, family strengthening services that may include: financial literacy training, basic parenting skills, age appropriate discipline, basic hygiene and life skills, connecting parents to available community resources and programs, advocacy, helping parents understand their children’s developmental stages, and the importance of structure and routine in the home, and more.

Our Mission

Empowering families and communities in Puna by building strong foundations through healthy relationships that value each person’s uniqueness.
E Malama Pono Kakou.