Preventing Anxiety and Trauma in Keiki During Covid-19

Preventing Anxiety and Trauma in Keiki During Covid-19

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Mental Health Awareness Month 

Preventing Anxiety and Trauma in Keiki


During the pandemic children and families all around the world are experiencing increased risk of stress and fear. Although stay-at-home orders are being lifted, we know that the risk for contracting COVID-19 is not gone. ‘Ohanas and individuals must continue to be vigilant and cautious in the new Coronavirus world. That vigilance in addition to all of the economic uncertainty is a source of ongoing stress for families.

Younger children are particularly vulnerable to stress in their home environment. Distress may be caused by changes in their routine, isolation from friends and loved ones, or loss — big and small. Children process stress differently from adults and the adults in their household may not recognize what a child is going through. Parents may also lack tools to help a child navigate these difficult times.

A young boy wears a hand-made face mask sporting “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”


While the Coronavirus Crisis can feel overwhelming, there are resources available that parents can access to help reduce stress in the household.  In addition to the links below, please reach out to your health care provider for support. Most doctors and therapists are now providing health and counseling through video chat and/or phone. If you have a working phone, accessing medical care has never been easier.


The following links are resources that may assist families and children struggling with anxiety and stress:

  1. Child-Mind Institute -Check out Child-Mind Institute’s PDF helping parents and children with Covid-19 related stress. 
  2. Children’s Mental Health Campaign -Educational resources and children’s media
  3. Center for Disease Control -Parents & Children Resource Page
  4. Free Counseling Services -Low-Income Individuals & Families


For more resources, check out our past blog on coping during the pandemic and our resource page here. 

Are you a family struggling with coping with basics or in need of additional advocacy and support? Contact our Family Strengthening program today to see if enrollment is right for you.