Helping Parents Raise Safe and Healthy Children

Family Strengthening Services

Our goal is to help families raise safe and healthy children.

Neighborhood Place of Puna is one of the very few programs that East Hawaii families can turn to for support when things begin to get out of control and they recognize they need help as parents and as a family.

We help families discover their own strengths through intensive in-home coaching based on identified protective factors. Predominately, parents come to us because their parenting style is not working. We help these families by teaching, modeling, and reinforcing developmentally appropriate and nurturing parenting behaviors, through ongoing weekly visits.

We also help families cope with many of the persistent and structural stresses of poverty: Risk of homelessness, Food insecurity (hunger), Under-employment, Limited access to essential services, and a lack of basic life skill.

Poverty is characterized by insecurity. Which, unfortunately, is not good for the development of childrens’ brains. Children need a stable and safe environment in which to grow up. They need parents who are loving and nurturing and not overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. They need a community that is healthy, strong, and supportive.

Neighborhood Place of Puna is one of those supports. We work very hard to ensure that families have the resources, knowledge, and skills they need to create a safe and stable environment in which to raise their children. We also strive to address many of the social ills that keep families trapped in poverty.

You can help. Please consider a donation to support our local families in their efforts to raise safe and healthy children.

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