Why We Exist

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Aloha Friends,

Neighborhood Place of Puna exists to help families Thrive, to have deep and meaningful lives with sufficient resources to raise their Children.

This core mission drives our many family focused programs: our Family Shelter, our Family Resource Center, our Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and our Advocacy.

The work can feel endless and slow. But we are not just offering programs. Neighborhood Place of Puna is also striving to transform our community. We are helping build a community in which family poverty, family hunger, and family home-(hope)-lessness cease to exist because we — collectively — have decided that family privation is unacceptable.

This is the work of Changing peoples’ hearts. And it takes time – lifetimes maybe. It requires all of us to remain inspired, which is why we have a hero series on our YouTube channel. Our heroes remind us that we are not alone. We are working alongside many others who are leading or participating in the work of transforming society in positive and compassionate ways.

It is our sincere hope that Neighborhood Place of Puna’s efforts not only help individual families, but also inspires others to join in the work of creating communities in which all families can thrive. Communities in which all children are raised in safe, stable, and nurturing homes. Communities in which even the ideas of family homelessness, hunger, and want are unimaginable.


Paul Normann

Executive Director