New Programs and a New Look

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There have been big changes in our community — the Kilauea Eruption — and at Neighborhood Place of Puna. For one, our website has a new look. Here you can find information about our longstanding programs as well as new programs such as our Family Assessment Center at Hale Iki and the Disaster Case Management Program.

The Family Assessment Center at Hale Iki is our newest program. Hale Iki provides emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness. There is room for up to nine families at any one time. Families have their own private unit. They share a kitchen, bathrooms, and common area with other families staying at the Family Assessment Center. Families at Hale Iki have access to intensive supportive services that focus on connecting them with the resources necessary for them to return to housing. If your family or a family you know is experiencing homelessness call 808-345-0202 to see if there is an opening at Hale Iki.

Since the Kilauea Eruption began in May of 2018, Neighborhood Place of Puna has been helping impacted residents through a collaboration with local non-profits. Collectively, we have helped 166 impacted households obtain housing assistance. Others have been connected with legal counseling, medical services, airfare, and various resources.

But we all know that many individuals and families are still struggling to recover from the Kilauea Eruption. For those residents, Neighborhood Place of Puna has a Disaster Case Management Program. The goal of the program is to help county and Puna residents access the resources and services they need to get back on their feet. If you or a loved one has been impacted by the eruption and still need help, call 808-965-5550 or email, for more information.

Of course, Neighborhood Place of Puna remains committed to helping families through our intensive, and voluntary, in-home, family strengthening program. This program supports parents through our nurturing parenting curriculum. NPP staff also support families by helping them identify and connect with the resources, professionals, and essential services necessary to raise healthy and happy keiki.

Neighborhood Place of Puna has been part of the Puna community since 2002. Puna is unique. Puna residents are resilient. We are — as the saying goes — Puna Strong. But we also face many challenges. It is our hope that Neighborhood Place of Puna is part of the solution. That through our partnerships and work in the community Neighborhood Place of Puna is able to support the residents of Puna build a strong and nurturing community.