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Children, Sexuality & Society

Parents are children’s primary teachers, but what is society teaching our children about sexuality? Our in-person training program Our Whole Lives is an antidote to sexualized media messages, peer pressure, misinformation and prejudice. It provides accurate, age-appropriate information, puts sexuality in the context of values and personal responsibility, supports healthy decision making, and strengthens social skills, these skills and values help prepare youth to make healthy choices for life.

Neighborhood Place of Puna provides, Our Whole Lives: Comprehensive Sexuality Education, in East Hawai’i, as part of our mission to strengthen families and communities.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a secular curriculum appropriate in a variety of settings. The curriculum is age appropriate, with different curricula designed to speak to participants’ needs, by age group.

OWL is not just for youth. There are curricula designed to address the needs of young adults (18 to 35) and adults (35 and above). Many adults did not receive good sexuality education in their youth. They feel ill prepared as their children enter puberty. Participating in OWL helps parents get comfortable talking about sexuality. It also provides them with the latest information about issues that there are likely to face as they move through puberty and into adulthood.

You can find more information about OWL here.

If you are interested in an OWL program at you church, school, or community group, please contact Neighborhood Place of Puna.

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