Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana

Ho`ōla Pilina `Ohana Program



The Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana program offers culturally based counseling services families living in Puna and South Hilo.  These counseling services are provided bilingually — in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi  and/or English, as appropriate — to families with underage children to increase overall health, resilience, and wellbeing of entire ʻOhana in addressing issues arising from day-to-day life stressors, multigenerational trauma, cultural identity issues and how it affects the pilina (relationships) within the ʻOhana and itʻs overall pono (proper) functioning.

Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana literally translates into “there is life in relationships and family.” The term Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana for this specific project was created from a kaona (hidden meaning) perspective, given the hidden translation to preserve overall well being through all relationships that connect us. These relationships could be those more obvious to the human eye like the connection between keiki (children) and mākua (parents) or ʻohana (family) and kaiāulu (community); these relationships could also refer to the connections between kanaka (individual) and moʻomeheu (culture), kanaka (individual) and the ʻāina (land), as well as ʻOhana (family) and ʻaumākua (ancestors) and everything else in between that connects us. Native Hawaiians were very much connected to one-another, to the culture, language, the land, all living beings etc. It is almost entirely innate for Native Hawaiians to have various healthy connections and relationships to keep them grounded, balanced and secure.  Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana program vision is influenced by the generational and historical trauma native Hawaiians have experienced through colonization, creating various obstacles related but not limited to historical trauma and cultural loss, educational barriers, and socioeconomic and health disparities.

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Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana is a free professional clinical therapeutic offering available in both English and ‘Olelo Hawai’i.

Would you, a friend or a client you serve benefit from participating in the Ho’ola Pilina ‘Ohana Program? Apply online now. For more information about Hoʻōla Pilina ʻOhana program, call (808)965-5550 or email ohana@neighborhoodplace.org