Sponsor a Hale


Hale is the Hawaiian word for house, building, institution, lodge, station, hall; to have a house. Ua hale mākou, we have a house.


Hale ‘Iki Family Assessment Center and Shelter supports dozens of families each year. We support women during pregnancy. A large proportion of the children sheltered at Hale ‘Iki are under the age of 5, when protective factors are especially important. By sponsoring a hale, you directly help local families end the cycle of homelessness. Case workers support families in finding permanent housing when they transition from Hale ‘Iki, and connect with the family months after to ensure they have the long-term support they need.

There are an estimated 476 homeless children on the Big Island. 33% of homeless individuals in Hawai’i are children in families.

Children need a safe, loving environment to grow, but that’s not possible when our local families are forced into homelessness. Hale ‘Iki shelter is the only family shelter in Puna, where rates of poverty on Big Island are some of the highest. Kids in stable housing will have more positive outcomes later in life.