Supporting Healthy Families, Supporting a Healthy Hawai’i

At Neighborhood Place of Puna we serve some of the most vulnerable local families in our community. Since the Covid19 outbreak, we have ramped up hygiene measures at our family shelter and in-home outreach programs. We know that at least 1/4th of our community is experiencing financial impacts from the virus. We are committed to uplifting our Puna community and supporting families in raising safe and healthy children.

Your donation supports our Family Assessment Center and Emergency Family Shelter as well as our direct service in-home programs, as we strive to effectively support families safely following best COVID-19 health practices. This includes expanding the use of technology to remain connected to the many isolated families in Puna who rely on Neighborhood Place of Puna. Funds may also be used to support families impacted financially by Covid19 and to continue operation of programs.