Coronavirus Rent & Mortgage Relief

Have you suffered a reduction in work hours or income due to Covid-19 and result in late rent or mortgage payments? Neighborhood Place of Puna is issuing CARES ACT funds to Hawaii County residents in need of financial housing assistance. Before beginning your application, please have these documents ready (you will not be able to submit the application without supporting documents).

9/9/2020 Updated Flier:

RMAP FLYER [Chuukese]

RMAP FLYER [English]

RMAP FLYER [Marshallese]

RMAP FLYER [Olelo Hawaii]

RMAP FLYER [Spanish]

RMAP FLYER [Tagalog]

9/9/2020 RMAP Applicant Eligibility Amendment FINAL

Please note, as of 9/9/2020, the following program changes have been made:

  • Increase of maximum monthly assistance from $1000 to $2000 (effective retroactively so any applicant who received assistance from us already for previous months and still has a need over the $1000 per month could receive more funding)
  • Increase in maximum annual household income from 100% AMI to 140% AMI (see AMI chart attached for maximum income qualifications: 2020-hud-income-rents-and-sales-price-by-counties)
  • Allow signed self-certification statement of income for individuals who cannot produce income documentation for non-traditional work (defined as does not receive a W2 or 1099 )
  • Allow payments for rent/mortgages for households who entered into a forbearance or payment agreement with their mortgage lender or landlords between March and December 2020 (grant funds can’t be used for fees or interest incurred over the forbearance or payment plan period)
  • Allow previously approved applicants to verbally confirm their need for housing assistance each month at the beginning of each month as long as their financial situation has not changed and the verbal verification is documented in case notes. (i.e. Applicant A is approved for grant assistance for March through August 2020 using past due rent notice.  Applicant A can call their case worker on September 1st to verify need for housing assistance and no change in financial situation.  RMAP partner documents in Notes and can pay out for September rent.  Same for October, November, December.)

Documents Checklist:

1. A copy or photo of your valid government-issued photo ID. The ID must show your AGE and RESIDENCY.

2. 30 days of recent paystubs, 2 months of business bank statements or self-certification statement of income (if self-employed), public benefit statements (if applicable), or unemployment benefits for all household members who receive them. (Public benefit statements include: TANF, SSI, SSDI, TDI, Section8, etc.)

3. Your rental contract or mortgage statement.

4. Proof of hardship – documentation showing hardship DUE TO COVID-19. Examples of acceptable documents include (but are not limited to): 30 days of paystubs for February 2020, unemployment or pandemic unemployment assistance approval letter, letter from employer verifying job loss or reduced work hours. If self-employed, use business bank statements for January and February 2020, or self-certification statement of income.

Please ensure all documents are legible.

If you are ready to submit your application, please click the link below:


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us-

(808)965-5550 ex. 8