Coronavirus Rent & Mortgage Relief



It is with a heavy heart to share that the Hawaii County Rent and Mortgage Assistance Program is now closed as all funds have been exhausted. The response to this program was tremendous. Over 3,340 Hawaii Island residents were supported with rent and mortgage assistance grants since August 2020. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to provide help and hope to the many families of our island home.

We encourage you to seek additional services that may still be available. Please contact the organizations below directly to access the following services:

1. County of Hawaii Financial Navigator Program: Free remote program to help residents navigate critical financial issues related to the pandemic
2. State of Hawaii Rent Relief Housing Assistance Program: For additional assistance you may want to check the status of the State’s program
3. Utility Grant Assistance – Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council. Visit online or call 808.961.2681, ext. 400.
4. Financial Counseling – Hawaiian Community Assets: Click Client Intake or call 808.934.0801.
5. Financial Counseling and the Financial Navigator Program- Hawaii First Federal Credit Union.
6. Landlord-Tenant Mediation – Kuikahi Mediation Center.  Visit online or call 808.935.7844, ext. 2.
7. Landlord-Tenant Mediation – West Hawaii Mediation Center. Visit  online or call 808.885.5525


There will be recorded information sessions on the services listed above as well as others made available on the Hawaii County RMAP website. We encourage you to visit that website if you would like to access these information sessions. All information session recordings will be available on the Hawaii County RMAP website by November 30, 2020.


If you have questions about the status of a previous application, please do not hesitate to contact-

(808)965-5550 ex. 8