Family Homelessness

Ending Family Homelessness

Neighborhood Place of Puna is committed to ensuring that no family – and certainly no child – experiences homelessness in Hawaii County.

Homelessness can have lifelong negative developmental and health impacts on a child. Children who experience homelessness are more vulnerable to child abuse and neglect. The longer a child remains homeless, the more bleak the outcome. Children raised in persistent poverty, including periods of homelessness, are less likely to finish school. They are at higher risk for incarceration, teen pregnancy/parenthood, substance abuse, and a life of poverty.

Neighborhood Place of Puna believes that we can end family homelessness in Hawaii County and that doing so is a moral imperative!

To this end:

  1. We work directly with homelessness families to connect them with emergency shelter, permanent housing, and the supports they need to remain housed.
  2. We work with local churches to provide emergency short term shelter and support to homeless families who have nowhere else to go.
  3. We work with the Faith Community, businesses, and Social Welfare groups to address the lack of affordable housing for families.
  4. We work to address the underlying causes of family homelessness and poverty.

Neighborhood Place of Puna needs your help. Please consider a donation to support our homeless families, and the work that we do to ensure that that no child has to experience homelessness.

Download the Family Outreach Referral Form

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