Interfaith Working Group on Family Homelessness

May 3, 2019 - 9 am - 10:30 am

Ending Family Homelessness in Hawaii County by 2020

This working group of non-profits and Faith Communities meets to develop and implement plans to achieve the goal of ending family homelessness.

Our work focuses on Four areas:

  1. Affordable Housing
    • Rental housing must be affordable to individuals and families working minimum wage jobs, which is the equivalent of earning about 30% of the Area median Income
    • Government subsidies for housing are limited. Communities Faith need to find alternative ways to provide truly affordable housing for the working poor.
  2. Prevention of Homelessness through limited emergency financial assistance
    • The lack of affordable housing in Hawaii County means many families live on the edge of homelessness.
    • Faith Communities need to develop local financial resources to help housed families facing a financial crisis to remain housed.
    • Faith Communities and local financial institutions need to work together to develop micro-loans to help families manage unexpected expenses without becoming homeless.
  3. Expanding Shelter Beds for Families
    • Add up 20 family shelter beds in East Hawaii through programs like Family Promise.
    • Advocate for the addition of 105 family shelter beds in West Hawaii.
  4.  Advocate for the Value of Each Person
    • Resist the criminalization of poverty and homelessness
    • Educate the larger community about issues of poverty and homelessness

The group meets monthly, in the Office of Housing conference room at 1990 Kinoole, St.

Office of Housing and Community Development conference room
1990 Kinoole St.