Counseling Services


Neighborhood Place of Puna’s Counseling Services offers counseling to families living in Puna and South Hilo. These counseling services are provided to families and individuals with children under the age of 18 years old in the household to increase overall health, resilience, and wellbeing of the individual and/or the entire ʻOhana in addressing issues arising from day-to-day life stressors, multigenerational trauma, and identity issues. At Neighborhood Place of Puna Counseling Services we understand that it can be difficult to take on the stresses of life on your own and we want to provide you with a space where you and your ‘Ohana can feel supported and heard in order to not only heal, but thrive.

I feel so empowered now that I am back to being myself again… I’m just so grateful for this service and so lucky that it is available in this community. I was really anxious and lacking the kind of support that I needed after child birth, but if you told me a year ago that I would be feeling as good as I do now -my past self would have had doubts. But low and behold, fulfillment and the sense of peace I needed wasn’t that far out of reach.” – NPP Family Therapy Client



Neighborhood Place of Puna’s Counseling Services is a free counseling service provided under the Family Resource Center. Services are provided in-person or on zoom.


Would you, a friend or a client you serve benefit from participating in counseling services? Apply online now. For more information about Neighborhood Place of Puna’s Counseling program, call (808)965-5550 or email

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