2023 Sponsor-a-Hale

At the end of each year, Neighborhood Place of Puna offers the opportunity for individuals and organizations to participate in our “Sponsor a Hale” program for the coming year.

As a sponsor, you will play a vital role in helping move families from homelessness to housing.

What is Hale Iki?

Hale Iki is a Family Assessment Center where homeless families can find temporary shelter and work intensively with NPP staff to move from homelessness and into long-term permanent housing.

Hale Iki consists of nine micro-units (Hales) for families experiencing homelessness, ensuring that they and their children have shelter, food, clothing, and basic necessities. Families are able to prepare food in a common kitchen, use shared laundry facilities and bathrooms.

Hale Iki is staffed 24/7, creating a safe and supportive environment for families to heal from the trauma of homelessness. Hale Iki is keiki (kid) friendly. Afternoons are often filled with the joyous sounds of children playing.

How Sponsor-a-Hale Works

Between November 15th and January 15th we invite community members, organizations, and churches to make a year long commitment to donating a minimum of $100 a month to the “Sponsor a Hale” program. As a sponsor you will be assigned an individual hale at the Hale Iki emergency shelter.  

There are two primary goals of sponsoring a hale program:

  1. First, your monthly donation helps defray costs for families while at Hale Iki or once they have moved into housing: rental applications, vital document replacements, bedding, furniture, pots and pans, hygiene supplies etc.

  2. Second, your ongoing support helps ensure that Hale Iki reflects the values of hope and opportunity through caring maintenance and upkeep of the hale and surrounding grounds. 

Ending family homelessness involves the whole community. By sponsoring a hale you will help individual families move from homelessness to housing. Your donation ensures that families can connect with dedicated staff to receive the support and resources they may need to move into permanent housing and out of the temporary shelter of your sponsored hale.  Your donation ensures hope for the future and helps families see beyond their homelessness. Finding hope at Hale Iki means families are able to focus on where they are going and not where they have been. 

Become a Hale Iki Sponsor Today!

Payment options include a one time ACH payment or a monthly recurring ACH payment (for 12 consecutive months) through PayPal. If you need an alternative payment option, please contact Lyan at lyan@neighborhoodplace.org

We feel it is important that each hale is well maintained and that the grounds offer a promise of what would be a safe, stable and nurturing home. There are only 9 units, so sponsorship is limited. Thank you for committing to helping families move from homelessness to long-term permanent housing. Thank you for being part of the solution. Thank you for committing to ending family homelessness in Hawai’i County.

A "Mahalo Board" was created in honor of one of our 2022 sponsors. Included are the hand prints of all the individuals who were sheltered in the sponsor's hale.